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We have involved actively in the global environmental protection project, Hazardous Substances Free (HSF), and lead / halogen-free process, etc. Besides, we introduced the ISO14001 environment management system in March 2010. In January 2013, we obtained the OHSAS 18000 occupational health and safety management certification. In terms of control of hazardous substances for products, we obtained the IECQ QC080000 hazardous substance management system authentication in April 2009. Our products sold to Europe comply with the RoHS of Europe.       

I. Management of green supply chain
In order to enable our supplier to fulfill social responsibility and to enable our overall supply chain management to continue forever, we request our supplier to establish related management system, including ISO9001 and ISO14001 verification and taking EICC as the code of conduct. All the promised activities comply with the laws and regulations of the government. In the meantime, we shall conclude agreement with the suppliers and customers to ensure the rights and interests of both sides and maintain a favorable relationship.  

Corporate social responsibility of supplier     
To improve social responsibility, we have the bounden duty of promoting the supplier’s social responsibility in order to accelerate the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC).

To promote the supplier’s recognition and reflection of corporate social responsibility, including labor, health and safety, environmental standard, management system, and business ethics standard, PTS Group requests suppliers to jointly abide by Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC). At the same time, our Group also supplies questionnaire to carry out self-assessment. On the one hand, the supplier will know about the connotation and the requirements of EICC. On the other, the supplier will understand the content that needs to be improved and strengthened.

Non-use of conflict minerals
In terms of human right, the Group clearly conveys to the supplier the idea of not support and use of metals from armed conflicts, illegal mining and poor working conditions, namely the conflict minerals. Moreover, we request the suppliers to supply products of PTS Group and not to use the above conflict minerals, in the hope of impacting this issue positively through self-discipline of the entire supply chain.

II. Environment and occupation health safety management
To enable all the business peers and stakeholders (such as suppliers, contractors, clients, environmental groups, government agencies, residents of neighboring housing estates) to understand the Group’s policy on environmental safety and its determination and actions on implementing environmental protection and reducing risk and in the hope that the third party will lay stress on environmental protection, safety and sanitation and will strive for the environment jointly, we formulated the policy on environment and occupation health safety management in 2013, which served as the code for employees’ physical protection in working environment and social responsibility.

III. Policy on environment and occupational health safety management
Observe law and discipline, clean production, energy saving and consumption reduction, pollution prevention, construct green home;
People oriented, safety production, risk control, continuous improvement, care healthy life  

1. Segregation and closed production shall be carried out for posts that may have noise (powder work);
2. Test (coating / assembly) the waste gas during production once a year;
3. Test the sanitary wastewater at least once a year;
4. Discharge the sanitary wastewater to stone steles sewage treatment works;
5. The entrusted qualified manufacturer for recycling hazardous wastes shall treat the liquid waste through waste recycling;
6. The entrusted qualified manufacturer for recycling hazardous wastes shall treat all the hazardous solid wastes;
7. Publish related environmental protection information (PRTR data) at IPE website.