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Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

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Compensation and Benefits

We believe that the perfect combination of industry harmony and mutual trust is to provide them with a comfortable, warm and free working environment under a sound welfare system.

Well paid in PTS

Year-end bonus, performance bonus (Based on operating conditions and individual performance during the year)

Bonus for patent and sharing personal work

Excellent team and individual rewards

Completed gifts and subsidy in PTS

Gifts for marriage, childbirth, birthday and subsidy for hospitalization and funeral, etc,.

Assistance for poverty employees

Gifts for important annual festivals (Mid-Autumn festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Women's day, etc,.)

Encourage the employees to organize all kinds of club activities (recreational activities and sports competitions, etc,.) with funds.

Hold the annual party at the end of the year and the outstanding team and staff will be praised.

Thoughtful service for life in PTS

Enjoy free physical examination and domestic and international travel every year.

All employees get insured for group insurance, accident insurance and PFA of overseas business trip.

Provide new employees with summer and winter uniforms.

Set up a number of leisure facilities and activity places (karaoke hall, table tennis room, billiard room, staff supermarket, etc.)

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