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Green management
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Green management

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PTS technology group actively performs corporate social and environmental responsibilities and advocates green management. The group has the courage to shoulder the environmental responsibility of social citizens. In order to respond to the national call and meet the environmental requirements of international customers, the chairman of the group has put forward the following principles: "professional quality, honest operation, customer satisfaction; "Commitment to environmental protection, r&d, innovation and continuous improvement", and active and extensive practice of environmental protection in the operation of enterprises.

Energy conservation, emission reduction and recycling

In order to advocate energy conservation, the company puts an end to all possible energy waste, strengthens the energy conservation awareness of all employees, introduces advanced energy conservation technology in lighting, heating, ventilation and other fields, and promotes effective energy conservation measures, striving for energy conservation.

The group actively responds to the national environmental protection policy and vigorously implements emission reduction measures. The waste water and waste gas are tested every year, and the recycling and treatment of hazardous waste and electronic waste all meet and exceed the corresponding targets set by national laws and regulations.

The group will successfully complete such challenging tasks as RoHS, WEEE, EuP directive, halogen free requirements and REACH regulations, and turn them into development opportunities to enhance the green competitiveness of the enterprise.

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