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Compensation and welfare
We believe provide our employees with a reassuring, warm and carefree work environment under a sound and desirable welfare system is the perfect combination of mutual trust between labor and capital.
PTS outstanding remuneration
Annual bonus, performance bonus, and bonus (subject to the annual operation and personal performance of the current year)
Patent research, shared bonus for personal work  
Team with excellent performance and personal award




PTS perfect gift grants

Marriage, birth, birthday gifts and hospitalization, funeral and other condolences to gold
Relief for poor employees
Important New Year gifts to celebrate (Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Women's Day, etc.)
Encourage staff to organize various community activities (recreational activities, sports competitions, etc.), and subsidy activities
At the end of the year held the end of the Assembly, and praised the blue-chip team and staff


PTS intimate life service

Free health check every year, domestic and foreign tourism activities
All employees to participate in group insurance, accident insurance, and overseas travel insurance
Provide new staff summer and winter uniforms
The establishment of a number of leisure facilities and activities (karaoke OK hall, table tennis room, billiard room, staff supermarkets, etc.)