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3D Touch will bid farewell to the iPhone and make way for a new touch module

Sources from the supply chain say that the Apple will change the in-cell touch screen which has been used for 5years into out-cell one on its 6.1 inches iPhone .

Carbon fiber materials make the car as light as a feather

With the progress of science and technology, some new technologies and materials have been gradually applied to the field of automobile and have a profound influence on the development of its industry...

GM plans to use carbon-fiber wheels in Cadillac and other cars

William Rodgers, a researcher at the institute for lightweight polymer materials of GM's. told Autoblog that the automaker wants to introduce carbon-fiber wheels as an option for its finest performance cars.

The shell materials of a laptop

When people choose the cover of a laptop, the first they see is the appearance. The mainly function of that is protective, heat dissipation and ornamental. Different consumers may have the different priorities for those three basic needs.

Japan and United States are racing to make breakthrough in third generation carbon fiber technology.

Compared with the traditional metal materials and composite materials made by other fibers, carbon fiber composite materials have the characters of light weight, high strength and high elastic modules and can reduce the weight ...
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