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Look at the car! Ferrari 458 to see how the interpretation of carbon fiber aesthetics!

Date:2016-09-02 17:28


Mansory produced in recent years, including the Ferrari 458,458 Spider, F12Berlinetta, Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and other works are still stunning.

Master of the modified skills and ideas. This time we put this car Mansory Ferrari 458 Italia to everyone's eyes, close to appreciate the master of the modified skills and ideas.

Who would say that the Italian design of the Ferrari 458 is not enough to pull the wind eye-catching? But in front of the Ferrari 458 Italia Mansory engineers have been drastically replacing the kit, or "beyond recognition" can not describe it.

In front of the Ferrari 458 Italia's appearance is very obvious, Mansory drastic use of a large number of carbon fiber sheet pieces

Appearance part, Mansory with a new design of the air force kit. Including front bumper, trunk lid, front jaw block, spoiler wing, side group, rearview mirror cover, hood, roof, large rear spoiler and large spoiler tail and other parts, and all in carbon fiber Made of material, pale carbon fiber color and white body with, creating a wild and noble and excellent texture.
Black and white body colors with each other, less of the original elegance, and increased visual impact of the opposite sense of the impact of Ferrari ENZO look similar to the shape, or only they are bold enough to confuse the front of others do not recognize the front bar part of the middle uplift Nose cone, obviously this design inspiration is from the Ferrari ENZO; headlamps on both sides of the installation of the shark gill shape carbon fiber flap, the design is just inside the headlamps and accessories to each other echoes, headlights also added below the modeling clever Spoiler, compared to the original style of makeup, this car has become a lot of ferocious

Carbon fiber hood is still made of all carbon fiber material, styling, Lamborghini's elements to pull in, this move to foreign technology, watching the effect is quite good

Tail part of Needless to say, after the installation of large GT tail seems to make 458 become mad up

Side position along the original side skirt homeopathic addition of carbon fiber side skirt pieces, on the one hand for the rear wheel to the role of rectification, the other side also brought a lightweight and beautiful features.

When your mouth on the appearance of the conversion can not help but issued "wow ..." after the exclamation, do not worry together mouth, because you will immediately spit out "Oh ..." sigh, interior addition to carbon fiber instrument cover and flip fur Seat package, there will not be too much modification, customization with the previous top-level leather material style is different, perhaps Mansory engineers feel that the original interior is enough on the grade.

  Carbon fiber welcome pedal printed on the "Siracusa" words, that is, modified version of the car's name, to change their car to take a exclusive name is Mansory's style


  Power part did not do any upgrade changes, this may not want to destroy the classic Ferrari


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