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Carbon fiber material for the car body Ruyan

Date:2016-09-02 17:20

  With the progress of science and technology, some new technologies and new materials are gradually applied to the automotive field, and the development of the automotive industry had a profound impact, in which carbon fiber materials in automotive applications most typical.

First, the carbon fiber to bring the outstanding advantages of automobile manufacturing

1. Lightweight
Carbon fiber used in automobiles, to the automobile manufacturing brings the most obvious advantage is the car lightweight, the most direct impact is energy saving, acceleration, braking performance. In general, the vehicle weight reduced by 10%, fuel consumption reduced by 6% to 8%, emissions reduced by 5 to 6%, 0-100km / h acceleration increased 8-10%, braking distance shortened 2 ~ 7m.
2. Security
Body weight can make the vehicle's center of gravity down, to enhance the vehicle handling stability, vehicle operation will be more secure and stable. Carbon fiber composites have excellent energy absorption rate, collision energy absorption capacity is six to seven times the steel, aluminum three to four times, which further ensures the safety of the car.

3. Comfort
Carbon fiber composite material has a higher vibration damping, light alloy need 9 seconds to stop vibration, carbon fiber composite material can be stopped for 2 seconds, so the carbon fiber used in the car, for the vehicle NVH (noise, vibration and acoustic roughness) Enhance the contribution of the same great, will greatly enhance the comfort of car driving.

4. To enhance the level of vehicle development
As the carbon fiber composite material design can be stronger than the metal, it is easier to develop the platform of the body, modular, integrated. This carbon fiber body and metal platform hybrid body structure for the traditional car body structure, can be modular, integrated, greatly reducing the types of parts, tooling to reduce investment and shorten the development cycle. Especially for the new energy automotive companies, the application of carbon fiber body can not only save stamping, welding production lines and mold, fixture investment, reduce the proportion of fixed assets, optimize the allocation of enterprise assets structure, but also in the enterprise market promotion more impact force.
Second, carbon fiber in the field of automotive applications in China is extremely broad prospects
New energy vehicles lightweight, the best way is the rational use of carbon fiber materials. Experiments show that the use of carbon fiber material instead of the existing steel body, can effectively reduce the weight of more than 60%, driving range corresponding increase of 20% or more. Therefore, carbon fiber materials in the field of new energy vehicles in the application of a very broad prospects.



In fact, in addition to carbon fiber materials in the field of new energy vehicles outside the broad prospects in the traditional car has a more extensive application.

Hybrid body structure of carbon fiber body and metal platform For the traditional car body structure, can be modular, integrated, greatly reducing the types of parts, reduce tooling investment, shorten the development cycle.


3. Lightweight carbon fiber body structure

The application of carbon fiber body is the most effective way to lightweight body. Because once the large-scale use of carbon fiber materials, the quality of the car will be reduced by 40-50%, while the vehicle structure for each 10% weight loss, fuel consumption can be saved 7%. If the body weight of 20% -30%, per vehicle per year CO2 emissions can be reduced by 0.5T. Carbon fiber corrosion does not exist the problem of rust, durable than ordinary metal.

All in all, both from the point of view of performance or environmental protection, automotive lightweight has become an inevitable trend, and the use of carbon fiber materials is the only way the car lightweight.

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