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Lamborghini - Blancpain Super Trofeo Shanghai station ended

Date:2016-10-12 17:16

  May 24, 2016, Lamborghini - Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Challenge opener at the Shanghai International Circuit last weekend's successful conclusion. This is the fifth consecutive year that the event has been held in China. Despite the poor road conditions at the weekend, the road slippery, but did not affect the racing drivers superb skill for the new season, the first game to prepare for. From eight different countries and regions of the players staged a fierce showdown, exposing the peak of the track the king attitude.

   This is the Lamborghini - Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge eighth landing on the beach. In this competition, a total of eight new Chinese racers to participate in, they have great enthusiasm for the weekend event, fully demonstrated Lamborghini in the implementation of racing culture in China's great success.

   Lamborghini - Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge very gentleman movement style essence, through this platform, participants can feel the full range of racing culture charm. The introduction of the new driver level this season - Lamborghini Cup, mainly for the first time to join the Lamborghini Squadra Corse gentleman racing driver. In addition to the past amateur and professional - amateur group of players return to the game, the new players are very infectious enthusiasm and vitality has become the focus of the scene.

   The first round of competition, the track is extremely competitive. Japanese racer Yudai Uchida and his team-mate Jono Lester from New Zealand ranked first; Dilantha Malagamuwa from Sri Lanka and Armaan Ebrahim from India were second; Li Chao and Zhang Dasheng from China were 3rd. Halfway through the match, Li Chao and Zhang Dasheng rushed into the first place, while Malagamuwa and Ebrahim stayed in second place, while Uchida and Lester slipped to third place. Japanese driver Toshiyuki Ochiai and his team-mate Afiq Yazid, who finished 4th in qualifying, slipped to sixth place in the first half of the first round, but the second half of the race was the best, End line. After the first race, Li Chao and Zhang Dasheng won the runner-up, while Malagamuwa and Ebrahim finished third. In the Lamborghini Cup category, Chinese drivers Lin Yu and Zhang Wen He came in first place, while teams composed of Wang Liang and Yang Yuan were combined with Chien Jui Yu and Tai Wei En for a combined team of 2,3.


   In the second round at 16:55, the drivers Ochiai and Yazid came in pole position, followed by Malaysian racer Zen Low and Italian racer Max Wiser. Uchida and Lester were in the third place. In the second half of the race, Low and Wiser outperformed Ochiai and Yazid, while Davide Rizzo from Hong Kong, with his excellent driving skills, rushed to the No. 2 position from the start, surpassing Ochiai and Yazid's driver mix. At the same time, Uchida and Lester were down to No. 9, while Li Chao and Zhang Dasheng came in seventh. In the second half, Li Chao and Zhang Dasheng jumped from the 7th position to the No. 1 position in the rider's racing experience. Ochiai and Yazid finished second, with Uchida and Lester behind. In the Lamborghini Cup category, Wang Liang and Yang Yuan finished first, followed by Chien Jui Yu and Tai Wei En, and Chinese driver Li Lin won the third place.

  After a two-day event in Shanghai, the Lamborghini-Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge will debut in June at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, where it is once again competing in challenging corners.

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